viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012

FC Barcelona Badge

Barcelona Football Club badge is shaped like "pot", divided into three quarters. In the top two play Barcelona flag, that is, the Cross of St. George and the Catalan landmark. In the bottom you see a ball on the blue and red colors of the club. In the center of the shield, in a strip club are the initials 'FCB'.
After its foundation the club itself used as the shield of the city of Barcelona as a way to express their relationship with the city. This shield remained in use until 1910, two years after Hans Gamper save the club from the deep crisis in an attempt to give the club a shield own differentiated. The company announced a competition open to all partners to submit their proposals, being winning design Comamala Carles, who plays club between 1903 and 1912.
The shield has changed little since 1910 and that design changes have been largely, aesthetic, with minor changes in the layout of your profile. However, there were significant changes due to political constraints, since during the Franco regime, the initials "FCB" were replaced by "CFB" Football Club Barcelona, ​​in line with the denomination castellanización club. In addition, they had to reduce the number of bars in the barracks than two and the Catalan flag was removed from the shield. In 1949, taking advantage of the acts of the 50th anniversary of the organization, re-incorporate the four bars. In late 1974, returned to initial abbreviations include, thus returned to the original content shield 1910.
The modern design of the shield is the work of a designer Claret Serrahima adaptation in 2002, which includes a stylized lines, suppresses the points separating the club's initials, abbreviated name and reduces the number of puntas.65 The shield has been ten versions, since the founding of the club until the actualidad.

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